Big Bend National Park

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Boquillas Canyon

[boquillascanyon-1.jpg] [boquillascanyon-2.jpg]
Down near the Rio Grande. The vegetation is very green there, even with all the gross stuff that gets pumped into the river at various locations upstream.
Sunset in the canyon
[boquillas_sunset-01.jpg] [boquillas_sunset-02.jpg] [boquillas_sunset-03.jpg]
[boquillas_sunset-04.jpg] [boquillas_sunset-05.jpg] [boquillas_sunset-07.jpg]
[boquillas_sunset-08.jpg] [boquillas_sunset-09.jpg] [boquillas_sunset-10.jpg]

Lost Mine Trail

[lostmine-1.jpg] [lostmine-2.jpg] [lostmine-casagrande-1.jpg]
Casa Grande from below
[Tiny Oak Leaves]
Desert oak leaves, no more than a couple inches long and very leathery. Tiny acorns, too.
Maples across the canyon whose leaves were changing colour
A big old rock, probably about 30 feet tall, near the top of the trail
[lostmine-roadrunner-1.jpg] [lostmine-roadrunner-2.jpg]
Two roadrunners. The one on the left appeared to be a juvenile.

Juniper Canyon Trail

[junipercanyon-desertscape-1.jpg] [junipercanyon-desertscape-2.jpg]
Two landscape shots taken from about the same spot. Big agaves in the picture on the left.
A purple pricklypear cactus, much cooler than the more-abundant green varieties

Santa Elena Canyon

A Palo Verde tree, which does photosynthesis in its (green) bark when there hasn't been enough rain to justify keeping its leaves

Burro Mesa Pour-Off

Looking down into the cavern at the mouth of the pour-off
A picture from inside of Dad coming in or going out or something
[burromesa-top-3.jpg] [burromesa-top-4.jpg]
Looking from the top of the pour-off
A close-up of the rock at the mouth of the pour-off
A full view from the bottom of the pour-off (two pictures, spliced together)

(We was headed up) Grapevine Hills

A live cholla and a cholla skeleton to its left
[gh-top-1.jpg] [gh-top-3.jpg]
At the top of the trail. Lots of volcanic rock.

Cottonwoods Campground

The setting sun shining on a nearby mountain
A group of javelinas on their daily tour of the campground


Not within Big Bend, but during our stay there: Hanni and I way above the Rio Grande.

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