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Hannah, my niece—a full page of pictures
[Hanni and Dad]
Dad getting the tongue treatment from Hanni
[Dad and the banjo]
Dad at the end of a Townshend-style windmill. On a banjo, though?
[Sheri and Hannah]
Sheri and Hannah
[Family at the farm]
Sheri, Hannah, me, Oma, Andy, and Ben at the Soderquist farm near Iron River
Andy aggresively trims his toenails.
[Andy at Bond Falls]
Andy at Bond Falls
Andy at my house, hanging with Jimmer
Andy at his grandma's house, hanging with Loki
2004 Family Gathering in Iron River
Andy and Sheri, livening up the party... or not
Karl tries to check out my camera as the flash goes off.
Erik is ready to take someone on!
Kurt is really... enjoying the party atmosphere.
Sheri continues her obsession with electronics, harshing Kurt's buzz.
Cousins from Sweden: Nils and Erik on the ends and their wives, Yvonne and Carina, in the middle
Thanksgiving 2005
[thanksgiving-2005-1.jpg] [sheri-ben-tg-2005.jpg]
Who deals this crap?
Hannah flaunts her ability to avoid the camera.
Ha! Gotcha!

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