More of My Cats, 2005-2007

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[jimmer-grizzly-11.jpg] [jimmer-buck-08.jpg] [andy-jimmer.jpg]
Andy and Jimmer
[jimmer16.jpg] [jimmer-buck-10.jpg] [jimmer-grizzly-12.jpg]
Bi-level Grizzly
[grizzly24.jpg] [grizzly25.jpg] [jimmer-grizzly-14.jpg]
"Pretty good—how's your box?"
[jack05.jpg] [jimmer-jack-01.jpg] [3cats04.jpg]
[grizzly-jack-01.jpg] [grizzly27.jpg] [grizzly28.jpg]
[jack10.jpg] [grizzly-jack-02.jpg] [3cats05.jpg]
Helping me with the new computer
[jack-loki-01.jpg] [jack-loki-02.jpg]
Jungle Jack and his new friend, Loki
[jimmer-jack-02.jpg] [jimmer-grizzly-15.jpg]
[3cats06.jpg] [jimmer-jack-03.jpg] [jimmer19.jpg]
Jimmer cools off via exposed belly.
[jimmer20.jpg] [4cats02.jpg] [jack14.jpg]
[jack17.jpg] [jack18.jpg]
Inspecting my bedmaking
Jimmer shows playfulness via exposed belly.
Jimmer finds a squatter in his bag.
[jack19.jpg] [grizzly31.jpg]
[3cats08.jpg] [grizzly-buck-07.jpg] [grizzly-buck-08.jpg]
[jimmer-buck-12.jpg] [grizzly32.jpg] [jack-jeff-01.jpg]
Shoulder kitty

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