More of My Cats, 2008-2016

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[jack25.jpg] [jack26.jpg] [jack27.jpg] [jack28.jpg]
Bed-making day is just plain fun!
[3cats09.jpg] [3cats10.jpg]
Whoa! Chipmunk!
Cat TV
[jack-pablo-01.jpg] [jack-pablo-02.jpg] [jack-pablo-03.jpg]
Nice day in the sunshine
[jack-pablo-05.jpg] [jack-pablo-06.jpg]
Would you like a bath? Let me give you a bath.
[jimmer22.jpg] [jimmer23.jpg] [jimmer24.jpg]
Jimmer checks out new furniture
[jack29.jpg] [jack30.jpg] [jack31.jpg]
Jungle Jack enjoys new furniture
Perfect spot for a nap
Weird spot for a nap
Jimmer's lion cut
Another perfect spot for a nap
Sleepy blep
Shiny Grizzly
Belly nap
Um, Grizzly? Kinda busy here.

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