Other Cool Critters

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Otto (Dad's pooch)
I know there was a kitty around here...
Hey, a window!
Found him!
Hanni (Dad's pooch), 1997-2006
Hanni the puppy
Over a year old, giving Dad an earful
Listening attentively
Just passing through
A neighbourhood tom, napping on my backyard steps
[yardkitty3-05.jpg] [yardkitty3-06.jpg]
Another kitty from my yard who lived with me for a few months. Later known as Domo in her all-too-short time with with Alex and Fraggle.
Jaz and Wedge, cats of friends
[jaz-1.jpg] [jaz-2.jpg] [jaz-3.jpg]
[wedge-1.jpg] [wedge-2.jpg] [wedge-wall.jpg]
Wedge up on the wall
The late Sam
Salem, Brian and Shannon's kitten, napping on me
Sheri's Taylor as a kitten
Zoe tries to figure out Taylor's tongue.
Zoe will nap in or on any box.
Zach and Ben playing with Andy's Loki

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