1. Beheaded
  2. The Rest of the Day
  3. Left Behind
  4. What's Missing
  5. Smoke
  6. Burned Out
  7. Roman Candle
  8. Withdraw
  9. Felo de Se
  10. Lares and Penates
  11. Losing Memories

I really wanted to like this CD. Bedhead used some interesting techniques, like having each of three guitarists play a single note to build chords, and the music is overall pretty good. But I can only take so much mumbling from a lead vocalist, and Matt Kadane gives me that and so much more. He's practically inaudible from start to finish, but I guess I don't really want to listen to him going on about depression, death, and suicide for a whole album anyway. If I did, I'd just spin up some NoMeansNo.

On the positive side, "Roman Candle" is pretty nice, and the outros on "The Rest of the Day" and "Withdraw" are excellent.

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