"Saxomophone!" —Homer Simpson


  1. Good
  2. The Saddest Song
  3. Claire
  4. Have a Lucky Day
  5. You Speak My Language
  6. You Look Like Rain
  7. Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave
  8. Lisa
  9. The Only One
  10. Test-Tube Baby/Shoot'm Down
  11. The Other Side
  12. I Know You (Part I)
  13. I Know You (Part II)

Probably my favourite of the four. Almost every song on this CD kicks ass. Tracks 4 and 6 don't, but they're still plenty good.

Cure for Pain

  1. Dawna
  2. Buena
  3. I'm Free Now
  4. All Wrong
  5. Candy
  6. A Head With Wings
  7. In Spite of Me
  8. Thursday
  9. Cure for Pain
  10. Mary, Won't You Call My Name?
  11. Let's Take a Trip Together
  12. Sheila
  13. Miles Davis's Funeral

Most excellent. "Thursday" and "Mary" blow my mind. Dana Colley is a damn genius.

Love the wah on the "All Wrong" sax solo. Way, way, way too cool.


  1. Honey White
  2. Scratch
  3. Radar
  4. Whisper
  5. Yes
  6. All Your Way
  7. Super Sex
  8. I Had My Chance
  9. The Jury
  10. Sharks
  11. Free Love
  12. Gone for Good

Good is my favourite Morphine album (as above), but "Radar" and "Scratch" are my favourite Morphine songs. "Radar" has it all, from the drums to the bass to the perfect sax part to the perfect sax outro.

"Testify." Dana Colley is a damn genius.

Could "I Had My Chance" be more depressing? I love it.

"I run good, but I'm hard to start, and my brakes are bad, so I'm hard to stop."

The Night

  1. The Night
  2. So Many Ways
  3. Souvenir
  4. Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer
  5. Like a Mirror
  6. A Good Woman is Hard to Find
  7. Rope on Fire
  8. I'm Yours, You're Mine
  9. The Way We Met
  10. Slow Numbers
  11. Take Me With You

Likey-likey. Great almost without exception. It's hard to beat "Souvenir", "A Good Woman is Hard to Find", or "Rope on Fire". I like this one almost as much as Good.

This album of course has its own distinct feel, though it does bear some vague similarities to Yes. "A Good Woman..." reminds me a bit of "Radar".

Overall, the album is somewhat slow and heavy—more mellow in some spots and intense without past albums' explosiveness in others. I wish there could have been more.

The title track sounds like it was made to be released on vinyl. I'd about buy a thousand-dollar turntable to get some of that.

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