Oh, Inverted World

  1. Caring Is Creepy
  2. One By One All Day
  3. Weird Divide
  4. Know Your Onion!
  5. Girl, Inform Me
  6. New Slang
  7. The Celibate Life
  8. Girl on the Wing
  9. Your Algebra
  10. Pressed in a Book
  11. The Past and Pending

Good stuff. Not quite as easy to get into as Chutes Too Narrow but worth sticking with. "New Slang" is too cool for words.

Chutes Too Narrow

  1. Kissing the Lipless
  2. High Horse
  3. So Says I
  4. Young Pilgrims
  5. Saint Simon
  6. Fighting in a Sack
  7. Pink Bullets
  8. Turn a Square
  9. Gone for Good
  10. Those to Come

This one seems more accessible than the first album, but it's still very good. I love most of the songs and like the couple that I don't love.

Dave Hernandez replaces Neal Langford on bass and guitar.

The Shins appeared on Austin City Limits in 2004 and performed all these songs except tracks 3, 6, and 10. No songs from their first album made it to air (if the band even played any), unfortunately.

"Gone for Good" is not a cover of the Morphine song.

Wincing the Night Away

  1. Sleeping Lessons
  2. Australia
  3. Pam Berry
  4. Phantom Limb
  5. Sealegs
  6. Red Rabbits
  7. Turn On Me
  8. Black Wave
  9. Split Needles
  10. Girl Sailor
  11. A Comet Appears

Pretty good, though it starts stronger than it finishes. The last four tracks are a bit anticlimactic after a strong start.

If I had to pick one or the other, I'd say that this album is more like the first than the second, but it's pretty much its own animal.

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