Heading Home

Man-oh-man, what a completely miserable flight across the Atlantic. First I was thinking that young children should be checked with/like pets and ride in the luggage hold, but as it often does, it became evident that the kids' useless parents should be down there with them. Most of it was the two boys around 4-6 years old who wouldn't sit still for anything and particularly enjoyed grabbing the backs of others' seats (the "others" in this case being Mom and me and the folks across the aisle from us), and completely clueless and spineless mom and grandma who wouldn't put much effort at all into keeping them in line. I think the whole back half of the plane was coming around to the idea of corporal child punishment. If only the boarding door had closed two minutes sooner... (Also the screaming toddler in the same party who wouldn't sleep—not really anyone's fault, but it wasn't helping.)

Aside from that slice of utter hell, though, we made it back to Mom's in pretty good shape. No disasters befell us, no flights were delayed or overbooked to where we couldn't board, no luggage was even temporarily lost. Not even any weather bad enough to mess with our plans. Can't beat that at all.

So that was pretty fun. With any luck, I'll get to write another one of these sometime down the road.

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